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Latest technology for identification
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Welcome at the Rail Data Services Austria!

The Rail Data Services Austria was founded by technology partners from the industrial, transportation and telematics sector with special focus on rail-specific cross-network applications.

We operate and maintain our own across networks identification devices, linking these data with further infrastructure information and generate so-called “identified information”. This information can directly and unambiguously be assigned to the train, a car or even a car part (wheel, axle, wheel). The original information or measurement receives thereby a significant value, from which some new and innovative services can be derived.

The service portfolio ranges from ad hoc reports as mere passing messages, notification of the estimated time of arrival of the train composition and the space available in a passenger wagon, to statistics and forecasts based on technical data (eg, axle, brake and wheel quality, noise, etc.).

Clear added value for all users

For infrastructure operators:
Clear allocation of technical data on the car causes, detection of creepingerror , capturing several in a row-horizontal measurement systems possible, wagon ratings, linking other data sources, IBE criteria

For terminals and borders:
Advance consist of the actual train composition, position of individual vehicles in association, message with the expected arrival times, documentation of delivery times and departures and arrivals, reduction and optimization of logistic processes

For railway undertackings:
Documentation of the train composition and technical data, mileage and statistical analyzes

For workshops:
Optimization of maintenance management, early detection of creeping errors, optimization of the supply and repair timing, maintenance service for small businesses, maximizing the availability of wagon